Heating season: There are plans to heat Odessa with sea water, but so far 360 million have been allocated from the city budget
Sept. 16, 2021
The Odessa City Council supported the allocation of a subsidy in the amount of UAH 360 million to the utility company Heat Supply of the City of Odessa to start the heating season painlessly. Discussing the introduction of new technologies, the head of the TGO, Anna Poznyakova, said that there are plans to use sea water in winter.
The coming heating season was discussed at the session of the City Council.
The issue of allocating funds from the city's budget has caused discussions. The head of the TGO, Anna Pozdnyakova, remembered her words that monetary subsidies and an increase in the tariff for heating are a road to nowhere, and the enterprise needs modernization.
“We can not take a subsidy for the next season, but only if at the next session you vote for the increase in tariffs,” said the head of the TGO.
As for the modernization, the head of the enterprise said the following:
“In order to modernize a large infrastructure complex - an object of critical infrastructure, in 2020 the City Council gave the go-ahead and allocated funding for the development of a heat supply scheme for the city. The work has been started, the deadline for their completion ends in 2021 ... This is one of the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers: in order to enter the state programs, the city must have an up-to-date heat supply scheme, ”Poznyakova explained.
Pozdnyakova noted that the existence of the scheme will allow not only to determine the development strategy of "TGO", but also to apply for grants, available credit lines and participation in state programs on energy efficiency.
The designers of the circuit have proposed a number of alternative solutions. For example, in Odessa, you can use heat pumps - and on an industrial scale.
"In the sea, the water temperature does not drop in winter, even on the coldest days, below + 6 ° C. We can take this heat. The implementation of such projects requires three to five years," said Anna Pozdnyakova.
As for the debt, today the debt of consumers for heating is 720 million UAH.